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NoNameTitleTypeUnit Of MeasureDescription
1end_of_monthEnd of monthDatetime (Month) "YYYY-MM"  
2preliminaryPreliminary indicatorNumeric (General) '1' if preliminary, '0' otherwise.
3m3M3Numeric (General)S$ Million 
4m2M2Numeric (General)S$ Million 
5m1M1Numeric (General)S$ Million 
6currency_circCurrency in Active CirculationNumeric (General)S$ MillionNote: Figures exclude commemorative, numismatic and bullion coins issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and cash held by commercial banks and other financial institutions. The Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore merged with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in October 2002.
7demand_depositsDemand DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
8qm_totalQuasi Money - TotalNumeric (General)S$ Million 
9qm_fixed_depositsQuasi Money - Fixed DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
10qm_sgd_ncdsQuasi Money - S$ NCDSNumeric (General)S$ Million 
11qm_savings_depositsQuasi Money - Savings and Other DepositsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
12net_dnbfi_fin_cpyNet Deposits with Non-bank Financial Institutions - Finance CompaniesNumeric (General)S$ Million 
13net_dnbfi_posbNet Deposits with Non-bank Financial Institutions - POSBNumeric (General)S$ Million 

Additional Notes

Net deposits with non-bank financial institutions excludes these institutions' deposits with banks. From November 1998, with the acquisition of POSBank by DBS, POSBank's data has been incorporated as part of the banking system in M1 and M2, and not as a non-bank financial institution in M3.

API Examples

Javascript example

Making an ajax request with jQuery:
                var data = {

                       resource_id:'2940f379-100d-4f28-986a-8aee84014929',//the resource id
                       limit:5 //get 5 results                                                                   



                     url: 'https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/api/action/datastore/search.json',



                      alert('Total results found:'+ data.result.total)




Python Example

               import urllib.request

                url = 'https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/api/action/datastore/search.json?resource_id=2940f379-100d-4f28-986a-8aee84014929&limit=5'
with urllib.request.urlopen (url) as req:   print (req.read())

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