API for Table I.15 Asian Dollar Market: Maturities of Assets and Liabilities of ACUs, Quarterly
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NoNameTitleTypeUnit Of MeasureDescription
1end_of_quarterEnd of quarterDatetime (Quarter) "YYYY-Q[Q]"  
2assets_6mAssets - Up to 6 MonthsNumeric (General)US$ Million 
3assets_6m_to_1yAssets - Over 6 Months to 1 YearNumeric (General)US$ Million 
4assets_1y_to_3yAssets - Over 1 to 3 YearsNumeric (General)US$ Million 
5assets_3yAssets - Over 3 YearsNumeric (General)US$ Million 
6total_assets_liabTotal Assets / LiabilitiesNumeric (General)US$ MillionNote: From March 2004, data exclude those with unallocated maturity periods. Therefore, the sum of the maturity categories may not add up to the total.
7liab_6mLiabilities - Up to 6 MonthsNumeric (General)US$ Million 
8liab_6m_to_1yLiabilities - Over 6 Months to 1 YearNumeric (General)US$ Million 
9liab_1y_to_3yLiabilities - Over 1 to 3 YearsNumeric (General)US$ Million 
10liab_3yLiabilities - Over 3 YearsNumeric (General)US$ Million 

Additional Notes

Asian Currency Unit is a separate accounting unit of banks and other financial institutions given approval to transact in the Asian Dollar Market.

API Examples

Javascript example

Making an ajax request with jQuery:
                var data = {

                       resource_id:'2bc97ad7-4c0c-4013-8020-e95311db212f',//the resource id
                       limit:5 //get 5 results                                                                   



                     url: 'https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/api/action/datastore/search.json',



                      alert('Total results found:'+ data.result.total)




Python Example

               import urllib.request

                url = 'https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/api/action/datastore/search.json?resource_id=2bc97ad7-4c0c-4013-8020-e95311db212f&limit=5'
with urllib.request.urlopen (url) as req:   print (req.read())

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