API for Table I.10A Banks: External Assets and Liabilities of DBUs and ACUs, Monthly
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NoNameTitleTypeUnit Of MeasureDescription
1end_of_monthEnd of monthDatetime (Month) "YYYY-MM"  
2preliminaryPreliminary indicatorNumeric (General) '1' if preliminary, '0' otherwise.
3assets_totalAssets - TotalNumeric (General)S$ Million 
4assets_foreign_notes_coinsAssets - Foreign Notes and CoinsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
5assets_adfbAssets - Amounts due from BanksNumeric (General)S$ Million 
6assets_lnbcAssets - Loans and Advances to Non-Bank CustomersNumeric (General)S$ Million 
7assets_billsAssets - Bills Discounted or PurchasedNumeric (General)S$ Million 
8assets_saeAssets - Securities and EquitiesNumeric (General)S$ Million 
9assets_other_foreignAssets - Other Foreign AssetsNumeric (General)S$ Million 
10liab_totalLiabilities - TotalNumeric (General)S$ Million 
11liab_dnbcLiabilities - Deposits of Non-Bank CustomersNumeric (General)S$ Million 
12liab_adtbLiabilities - Amounts due to BanksNumeric (General)S$ Million 
13liab_billsLiabilities - Bills PayableNumeric (General)S$ Million 
14liab_other_foreignLiabilities - Other Foreign LiabilitiesNumeric (General)S$ Million 
15net_foreign_assets_liabNet Foreign Assets / Liabilities (-)Numeric (General)S$ Million 

API Examples

Javascript example

Making an ajax request with jQuery:
                var data = {

                       resource_id:'667037dc-27d7-4731-9180-7882b857928f',//the resource id
                       limit:5 //get 5 results                                                                   



                     url: 'https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/api/action/datastore/search.json',



                      alert('Total results found:'+ data.result.total)




Python Example

               import urllib.request

                url = 'https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/api/action/datastore/search.json?resource_id=667037dc-27d7-4731-9180-7882b857928f&limit=5'
with urllib.request.urlopen (url) as req:   print (req.read())

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