Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The APIs enable you to extract the relevant datasets on the MAS website for your applications and systems in a seamless manner. For instance, companies can make use of MAS' exchange rate APIs to automate the extraction of exchange rates for tax filing with IRAS; software developers could use MAS' interest rates data to illustrate interest rates trends. MAS will progressively release more datasets as APIs. If you are interested in a particular dataset or if you wish to provide feedback on the site, you may write to us.

Your attention is drawn to: (a) the "Terms of Use" which apply to the use of this site and, in particular, to the disclaimer of warranties and liabilities; (b) the "Singapore Open Data Licence"; and (c) the "API Terms of Service".

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10 Nov 2016

Domestic Interest Rates

10 Nov 2016

Exchange Rates - Average for Period

10 Nov 2016

Exchange Rates - End of Period

10 Nov 2016

Interest Rates of Banks and Finance Companies

10 Nov 2016

Table I.1 Money Supply (DBU)

Monthly Statistical Bulletin

Last Modified on 10/11/2016